artist artist Vacaville, California Landscapes and Lost Landscapes Encroachment - sold Breaking Ground - acrylic on wood panel Prime Location - 48"x48" acrylic on wood panel Sustainance I - 60"x54" acrylic on panel Color of Money - acrylic on wood panel framed with $1 bills “"A theme repeating itself in my artwork: the loss of landscape due to development. This is a concern of mine and a topic I'm reminded of on a daily basis as I see some of the richest soils in the world being paved over for profit" The Package Deal - collage on found object/wood Package Deal - kraft paper, mixed media artist artist The Package Deal video collage Award of Merit CA STATE FAIR 2005 ALL IMAGES ON THIS WEBSITE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT LAWS.        ALL RIGHTS RESERVED COPYRIGHT 2021 JUDY NEAL. Encroachment private collection Prime Location Color of Money Sustenance I Sustenance II